Carolina Yumi Shimamoto

Stay (February-October 2015)

Multiple ecosystem services in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest: analyze of trade-off and bundles

Carol-Yumi-SOur goal was to assess the consequences of land management and the role of protected areas on spatial distribution and the interaction of ecosystem services and biodiversity bundles. We quantified and mapped 9 ecosystem services and biodiversity in 3039 municipalities occurring in more than 148 million hectares of public access datasets. We identified ecosystem services interactions (trade-off or synergies) with pairwise Pearson’s correlation and ecosystem services bundles with Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and K-means cluster analysis. We found significant trade-offs between provisioning and regulating services and identified four ecosystem services bundles that varied in composition and were spatially clustered in the biome. The protected and unprotected areas in Atlantic Forest showed unique ecosystem services and biodiversity bundles that evidence a covariance among ecosystem services and biodiversity.