FOREFRONT: Researchers from the Netherlands, Brasil and Mexico are exploring options towards reconciling biodiversity conservation, ecosystem service supply and agriculturall production in anthropic tropical landscapes.

ROBIN: A large team of researchers from the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Austria, United Kingdom, Brasil, Bolivia and Mexico are exploring the role of biodiversity on climate change mitigation and the tradeoffs that emerge between ecosystem services and the needs of different stakeholders.

PARTNERS:I participate in a network on tropical forest restoration from a social-ecological perspective

GEOBON-WG6: I lead the working group on ecosystem services of the global biodiversity observations network.

PECS: I am member of the scientific committe of the global Programme on Ecosystem Change and Society (PECS).

IPBES-3d: I am member of the team of experts that wrote a guide (deliverable 3d) on the incorporation of different world views on the values of nature and its benefits for the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IBPES).

Leopold Leadership Program. I am member of the Leopold program that recognizes and train faculty with great potential to contribute to decision-making.

In Mexico

RedSocioecos: I lead a national network on social-ecological system and sustainability with 400 researchers, students and members of the society from accross the country to together contribute to building sustainability.

In the Pacific Coast of Mexico

Tropical secondary dry forests and ecosystem services: Several students of the lab are assessing the potential supply, use and value (economic and sociocultural) of ecosystem services of secondary forests

Reserbos: I lead an interdisciplinary project that assesses patterns and processes associated to tropical forest regeneration and its impacts on biodiversity, ecosystem funcitons and ecosystme services

Jova: I participate in an interdisciplinary project on the resilience of the social-ecological system of the managed tropical dry forest to unfrequent events: the huracanes Jova and Patricia.