I was trained as a biologist at UAM-I (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Iztapala), with a masters and a PhD degrees from UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México). I started studying the links between biodiversity and human well-being through ethnobotany, then through ecosystem services and now from social-ecological systems.

In our lab we have undertaken research on the links between biodiversity, ecosystem services and human well-being. Our projects range from the scale of the plot to the whole planet. Our field work is in the tropical dry forest of the Pacific Coast of Mexico. All our projects are interdisciplinary and we are initiating transdisciplinary ones.

My research interests include:

  1. Ecosystem services of tropical dry forests: potential supply, use, value (sociocultural and economic) of agroecosystems, secondary forests and mature forests
  2. Interactions between biodiversity, ecosystem services and human well-being. Tradeoffs between climate change mitigation, biodiversity and development
  3.  Subjective well-being and values: how world visions on nature and nature’s benefit relate to managing ecosystem services